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Sticky Bud Organics Hemp Extract begins with the selection of the best seed for the Lancaster County growing conditions. The seed strain, River Rock, was chosen for both the terroir and the finest properties. Every step in the farming process was done the Amish way, organically, by hand, with great care. Once harvested, we used the CO2 extraction method, which is the best way to keep the properties intact and at its fullest strength. Organic MCT oil, which is a form of Coconut oil, was used in the extraction process to bring the end product to the perfect 1500 mg of C-B-D. We believe this to be a high amount of C-B-D, yet not too much to overwhelm the user. It’s ‘Full Spectrum’, which means that our hemp extract utilizes all parts of the plant, making for a well-rounded formula.


While we cannot legally go on and on about the benefits of using this special plant, we can tell you that we offer a superior product in every way. It’s completely free of harmful chemicals, including heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, etc… This is all tested by a third-party lab which will prove our claims. This COA (certificate of analysis) shows that our product is more than just safe and effective. It’s very potent, providing the end user with a high dosage of the types of naturally-occuring chemicals sought out by those looking for the best hemp experience anywhere.


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This product is only available in the U.S. Not available for sale in the following states:

Idaho, Nebraska or South Dakota

Sticky Bud Organics 1500mg

    • High Quality

    • Organic

    • Vegetarian

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