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ABOUT Miach Herbs

Attention beloved friends and customers. I come to you with some bittersweet news.

The bitter part of the news is we are being forced out of our home of over 5 years in Saint Peters Village. The owner of the property has other ideas for it, and on very short notice, we must leave the property in the new year. It is uncertain how many more weeks or days we will be allowed to stay, but we must start the packing process now. As a family man with a precious newly born baby boy, this couldn't come at a worse time for us. In saying that, we are going to be having major sales on all of our products in-store as long as we can stay. We have to sell this inventory ASAP, so come check them out while supplies last.

The sweet side of the news is, we are happy to announce we have acquired a new shop in the Oley-Fleetwood area! We will be renovating it over the next months, so stay tuned for updates. We are transitioning to a major online store with a strong online presence, so you will be hearing more from us in the future. We are in the works to get our products on the shelves of other local supplement retailers in the area and will announce as soon as they are ready to be purchased there.

I thank you all for many great years in Saint Peters. We are going to be growing and advancing Miach Herbs better than ever before!

Please like and share this post, but most of all, if you want to help us out, leave us a good Google review! We will leave the link below this post on our feed. Any help is greatly appreciated while we move into our new home.

Stay tuned for good things to come!

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